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WWII Comes Alive!

Our June event is an excellent tribute to World War 2. The next Battle of the Bulge event will be June 4 & 5, 2022. To view photos from previous WWII Comes Alive! events, click here. For detailed event information (dates, times, directions, admission fees) visit our Coming Events page. Reenactors, please visit our Reenactors Info page for more information.


Battle of the Bulge

The Last Great German Offensive of World War 2. 240+ reenactors will meet in December 11, 2021 to relive this historic battle. To view photos from previous Battle of the Bulge events, click here.


Special Events

We also do presentations in full uniform for public events. We've spoken and given demonstrations
at libraries, historical societies and senior citizens centers. If you'd like us to speak to your group, please call 
Brendan Schuller at 309-340-3268 or email. To view photos from previous special events, click here.

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