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These are some of the Reenacting Units you may see at  WORLD WAR II COMES ALIVE. There are
many more.

German 709th

The German 709th Infantry Division is a group of approximately 30 members based in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. We pride ourselves on high authenticity standards to help give our members, as well as the public, a taste of what life was like in the Wehrmacht. We have one of the largest collections of authentic WWII vehicles and weapons, which includes a 1941 VW Kuebelwagen, 1944 Kettenkrad, 1945 Opel Blitz, 2 cm Flak 38, 2 3.7 cm Flak 39s, i.G. 18 infantry gun, 8 cm mortar, and various small arms.

2/SS Pz.Pi.Btl.5 - Wiking

"FIRST IN, LAST OUT!"  The motto of the 5th SS "Wiking" re-enactment unit, the largest living history & World War Two re-enactment unit of the World War II Historical Re-Enactment Society (WWIIHRS) based in Midwest USA. Our members are from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Southern Wisconsin, and Ontario. 

2nd Infantry

2nd Infantry Division, 9th Inf. Reg., Able Co.

T&E Military

Tammy & Ed Hanley are re-enactors and vendors who specialize in U.S. & Russian WW2 material, as well as Vietnam era and more. They represent a group of living historians located in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

5KP Gross Deutschland

5KP Gross Deutschland

Roberts Armory

Roberts Armory is a traveling museum that specializes in the acquisition and display of armored vehicles, artillery and other artifacts used by the U.S. in World War II. During World War II reenactments the museum usually portrays the 70th Tank Battalion. The museum participates in WWII related displays, parades, motion pictures and reenactments throughout the United States. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the history of World War II and to honor those who served.

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