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Troops / Forces

Next Event :
WWII Comes Alive!
June 4 & 5, 2022 at
Sommer Park, Peoria IL

Held at

Sommer Park

near Peoria IL.


The Allied forces lived up to their name, with American, British, Canadian, Free Pole and Free French troops taking part in the invasion of Europe. For the most part, the re-enactors at Sommer Park portray American G.I.'s. 


The G.I.'s set up an impressive tent lager with displays ranging from weapons and vehicles to medical, cooking and communication facilities. Many G.I. take authenticity that further step and dig fox holes and fortifications to sleep in overnight. One of the greatest pleasures for American re-enactors is meeting actual WW2 veterans and getting a history lesson straight from the horses mouth.




The German armed forces, or Wehrmacht, are portrayed by re-enactors as they would have been at the time of the battles. Members of the Heer (army), Waffen-SS (Military branch of the SS), Fallschirmjager (paratroopers) and Luftwaffe Field Divisions (combat ground troops of the Luftwaffe, or air force) can be seen at both events.


German camps, vehicles and weapons are on display at the re-enactments. Members go to great time and expense to get the impression correct, right down to uniforms, gear and hair cuts!

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